Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jerry and Connie's wedding

caption:  pelting the groom with a fistful of rose petals.  how poetic

Last week I was in Hawaii to see my fraternity brother Jerry "Sushi" Lee wed his lovely sorority girl Connie Everett.   He is a PhD Biochemist and she is a high-flying health care consultant, but in my mind's eye they are still the Johns Hopkins couple doing jello-shots in a sweaty basement grinding to "Make 'em say Ugggnnnn".  I see them now, they're older, they're successful, they love each other, but you know what?  They're still how I remember them at school.  They still know how to have a good time. 

Weather was fantastic, bridesmaids were rap-video hot, and life in Waikiki for a week was three o's smoooth.  Big ups to the ROC (Republic of China) for a fantastic hotel rate. 

Jerry and Connie I wish you the all best in marriage, in life, and in good fortune.