Thursday, February 28, 2008

Boy ... are my arms tired


Airline Flight # Date Departure Arrival
Northwest Airlines NW0539 12/05/2006 New York Detroit
Northwest Airlines NW0025 12/05/2006 Detroit Tokyo
Asiana Airlines OZ1035 12/07/2006 Tokyo Seoul
Asiana Airlines OZ1025 12/12/2006 Seoul Tokyo
Northwest NW0005 12/26/2006 Tokyo Singapore
Cathay Pacific CX716 1/26/2007 Singapore Hong Kong
Cathay Pacific CX715 1/28/2007 Hong Kong Singapore
Tiger Airways TR112 2/16/2007 Singapore Bagkok
Tiger Airways TR119 2/17/2007 Bangkok Singapore
Singapore Airlines SQ176 03/08/2007 Singapore Hanoi
Singapore Airlines SQ175 03/12/2007 Hanoi Singapore
Singapore Airlines SQ26 05/01/2007 Singapore New York
Singapore Airlines SQ25 05/05/2007 New York Singapore
Tiger Airways TR716 5/18/2007 Singapore Perth
Tiger Airways TR717 5/20/2007 Perth Singapore
Valueair VF501 5/26/2007 Singapore Jakarta
Valueair VF506 5/27/2007 Jakarta Singapore
Singapore Airlines SQ424 7/15/07 Singapore Mumbai
Singapore Airlines SQ423 7/18/07 Mumbai Singapore
Thai Airlines TG410 7/25/07 Singapore Bangkok
Thai Airlines TG640 7/26/07 Bangkok Tokyo
Thai Airlines TG641 7/29/07 Tokyo Bangkok
Thai Airlines TG401 7/29/07 Bangkok Singapore
Northwest Airlines NW0006 08/04/2007 Singapore Tokyo
Northwest Airlines NW0012 08/04/2007 Tokyo Detroit
Northwest Airlines NW0536 08/04/2007 Detroit New York
Singapore Airlines *
SQ21 08/07/2007 Newark Singapore
Quantas Airways QF31 8/24/2007 Singapore London
British Airways BA208 08/25/2007 London Paris
Air France AF2318 10/25/2007 Paris Frankfurt
Air France AF2219 10/26/2007 Frankfurt Paris
Air France AF2322 11/16/2007 Paris Munich
Air France AF2023 11/18/2007 Munich Paris
Air France AF624 12/12/2007 Paris Guadaloup
Air France AF621 12/18/2007 Guadaloup Paris
British Airways BA309 12/31/2007 Paris London
British Airways BA189 12/31/2007 London Newark
Continental Airlines CO1762 1/13/2008 Newark San Jose
Continental Airlines CO1485 02/11/2008 San Jose Houston
Continental Airlines CO137 02/11/2008 Houston Los Angeles
Delta Airlies DL885 02/11/2008 Los Angeles Honolulu
Continental Airlines CO14 2/18/2008 Honolulu Newark

* longest non-stop flight in the world - link


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