Thursday, January 03, 2008

Status Update - Back in New Jersey

Very few posts this past week due to traveling and limited connectivity.  My last week in France I chilled out and explored Paris.  I also caught a straight-NASTY cold which I still have.  Currently at my parent's place in New Jersey - a fact that they like to remind me every 10 minutes.  I spent last night mesmerized by the size-of-the-wall HD flat panel television they bought.  The 3D graphics and sounds from the opening sequence of SportsCenter HD drive me crazy with sensory overload.  Now I know how dogs feel when the fire bell goes off.

My tentative plans for the next month: 

January 13th - February 11th   - Costa Rica - Learn Spanish, Surf, Explore one of the most pristine eco-systems in the world
February 11th - February 18th   - Hawaii - Jerry's wedding

More posts to come.  In the meantime, for all you 1970's Bollywood Fans (I know you're out there) here's little something to get you going ...

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